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Descripción del Proyecto

Stina – Ucrania

  • Duración: 1.7 – 14.07 ,
  • 4 voluntarios alemanes y 15 internacionales

PROJECT: The organization «Pangeya Ultima» was founded in 2012 in Winnytsya (South-West Ukraine) and aims to promote intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and sustainable development of local communities. In the small village Stina, about 100 km south of Winnyzja and not far from the Moldavian border, it runs an eco-centre, which offers space for sustainable projects, international meetings and non-formal educational activities. The main house has already been almost completely renovated. Dry toilets, outdoor showers and a composter during are to be built during the work camp. The volunteers will also build a wooden pavilion for larger meetings. Another planned project is the «Image Mapping»: Pangeya Ultima supports rural tourism by developing tourist routes along which elements consisting of a bench and a picture frame are installed. In this way, a ladscape image is captured to which more information is given in additional text. The project is being developed in cooperation with the local population, Ukrainian and other European volunteers. There will be a small cultural festival at the end of the work camp.

WORK:     Demolition, bricklaying, concrete, wood and carpentry work.

More information:

Board and lodging:  In tents, or in preferred in host families. Compost toilets and outdoor showers. Volunteers help with preparing meals (vegetarian meals possible), no washing machine, limited internet access available.

Leisure time activities:              Exploration of the cultural heritage: Local old church, XVIII-XIXth century cemetery, discovery of the local embroidery technique; hikes around the hills and the natural reservation „Son-trava“; If booked for two days there is the possibility to travel to bordering Republic of Moldova.

What to bring:                          working clothes and gloves, safety boots, sleeping bag

Arrival:                                     Please inform us about your arrival time two weeks in advance!

Volunteers will meet at the central train station in Winnyzja (Kyivska Street) at 9:30 in the morning and travel to Stina together with Iaroslav Gerashchenko (there is only one connection a day presumably at  10:50). Bus connections here:

Special remarks:    limited use of alcohol, Respecting the shifting internal camp duties; open-mindedness and non-aggressive behaviour

Ukraine / Drohobych / Dovge

  • Duración: 22.7 – 04.08  /// 05.08 – 18.08
  • 4 voluntarios alemanes y 4 internacionales

PROJECT: The Ukrainian Government gave an old and decayed military base to the Caritas Drohobych for its own use. The charitable foundation “Caritas SDD” under the direction of Father Ihor has set the goal to create the shelter “Our Home” a rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol addicts, a sanctuary for the homeless and other people that are in need for  help.

Building Camp I (22.7.-4.8.2018): The Shelter „Nasha Khata“ is a place for socially excluded people where they live together and work with the purpose of socialization through spiritual, psychological, vocational and other support. Since 2007 IBO is helping with renovating the old buildings that are in bad shape. This year the volunteers will build a joinery shop in which they will then refurbish old furniture. For this purpose walls are to be build and plasterboard ceilings, new windows and doors will installed.

Building Camp II (5.8.-18.8.2018): In the mountain village of Dovge, some 120 km south of Lviv and surrounded by beautiful nature, an integration centre for children and youngsters is being built. Children traumatised in the war in Eastern Ukraine receive psychological help here within the framework of individual and group therapies. The volunteers will build a roof of the center.

WORK:  carpenter works, bricklaying work, concrete work, plastering, works, painting works, demolition works.

Board and lodging:

  • In Drohobych: In the shelter “Our Home” in the Drohobych district, in the Rykhtychi village, Gender can get separated rooms, meals prepared by the project (vegetarian diet possible), washing machine and internet available
  •  In Dovge: in a private house near the integration centre or in the parish house (2 km from the project) with showers, kitchen. Meals organized the project (vegetarian meals possible), washing machine and internet available.

Leisure time activities:          Lviv, Drohobych, excursion to the Carpathians (National Park), hiking, picnic, campfire, swimming in the river, meetings with Ukrainian volunteers

What to bring:        working clothes and gloves, safety boots

For Dovge: sleeping bag

Arrival:                                     Please inform us about your arrival time two weeks in advance!

Flight, bus or train to Lviv, where the volunteers will be picked up at bus station (Stryiska street) at 05:30 pm

Special remarks:                                  ban on alcohol