Youth Exchanges

A youth exchange is a meeting of young people from different countries between the ages of 13 and 30, who come together to learn more about each others’ cultures and discuss a topic of mutual interest.

The objective is to facilitate the mobility of young people in Europe and an intercultural understanding among the youth. Participants live in the countries involved in the project for a period of 5 to 21 days (not counting travel days). You can participate in an exchange in your own country and also take part in other exchanges. The group will comprise of 16 to 60 participants (not including leaders). Each participating country includes a leader older than 18 years. During the exchanges, the participants jointly carry out a program (a combination of workshops, activities, debates, role plays, simulations …) to exchange experiences and knowledge around a specific topic. There are several subjects: culture, sports, youth, leisure, immigration, gender inequality, sustainability, environment, free time, etc . The main purpose is to increase the participants´ skills and strengthen values ​​such as solidarity, friendship and respect.

The program allows the organization of exchanges among the 28 European countries and associated countries throughout the year. all2help will provide you with the information and requirements needed to participate.


We were in Sierra de Guadarrama learning about fire protection with other youth from Andalusia and Portugal. A luxury experience.

Paco Flores

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