Paulina Pastor
Paulina PastorCoordinator

I have an MSc in Business Administration and an IESE MBA. I also participated in an Erasmus program during my education.

Passionate about diversity around the world, different cultures and people, I have lived, worked and carried out projects in different countries.

After 17 years in business consulting project management in more than 28 countries with multidisciplinary teams, I decided to orient my career toward the social sector, trying to bring consistency between my values and my professional activity.

I have extensive experience in providing practical trainings and knowledge sharing for all types of people and have participated in numerous solidarity programs.


I have a diploma in foreign language teaching and for some time organizer of events.

I like to undertake projects with young people to boost the rural environment and encourage the joint participation of several generations.

After several years at the head of several cultural associations I have developed several projects with great results. I consider myself a very sociable person with great skills for resolving conflicts and organizing different social and cultural events.


I have an Msc in biological sciences and a master in marine biology by the San Jose university, USA.

After a long time running an environmental consulting company, a few years ago I decided to take a new path with the creation of the Foundation Without Damage. I collaborate in the promotion of research and study activities of prevention and treatment of brain damage, particularly in children and youth and disclosure to society. I also pay special attention to families with children who suffer from a disability derived from brain damage in order to improve their quality of life.

I also collaborate with all2help to help social transformation through a multicultural experience.