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Volunteering Europe Italy

Volunteer with young people and children in social exclusion in Rome – Il Tetto

Volunteer project of Education in Italy of the European Solidarity Corps ESC (former EVS, Erasmus) for young adults  of more than 22 years of Spanish nationality / residence. All expenses are covered: travel expenses, accommodation sharing a room in a house near the foster home, subsistence, pocket money, medical and accident insurance, language course and mentoring.

Place: Rome (Italy)
Duration: 12 months


Volunteer education project in Italy (Rome)

IL TATTO Project is a foster home for children and young people working in Rome. It was created in 1984. It offers a unique opportunity to volunteer in education in Italy. He currently has 3 projects:

Shelter for Italian and foreign children (also unaccompanied immigrant children) who are under the care of social services due to different types of problems in their families. The communities of minors are aged between 3 to 17 years.
Foster home for young adults, ages 18-22, live in separate houses and are semi-autonomous. Promoting various activities: sport, theater, day trips, vacations.
Open Italian school, in which many volunteers use their time to help students learn Italian in order to build a life in Italy.


1. Participate, together with educators, in the daily life of the community. The daily activities are used by the team as educational tools to create links, accompany and support the growth of the minors and to achieve the educational objectives set for each of them.

2. Go to Italian school. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn Italian and, after a while, help other students to learn the language.

Typical activities are:

• Support educators in organizational tasks.
• Help children in their daily activities such as: studying, cooking, playing sports, etc.
• Organize activities during the children’s free time.
• Learn Italian and be “peer educators” for the other students of the Italian school.

Requirements for the Italy education volunteer

The volunteer must:

be interested in providing social support to different types of vulnerable groups.
possess a strong spirit of solidarity.
be open-minded, proactive, willing to learn and work as a team.
be over 22 years old
It is necessary to have a driving license.

How to apply to volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps in Greece:

Send your CV in English to as soon as possible and put in the subject CES IL TATTO and your name.

You must send the information as soon as possible.


If you want to know more about this or any other action of the European Solidarity Corps (formerly the European Voluntary Service (EVS), send an email to

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