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Voluntarios Cruz Roja Italia

Voluntarios Cruz Roja Italia

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Proyecto de voluntariado en el ámbito de la juventud de Cruz Roja Cingoli en Italia. Cuenta con un grupo de 90 jóvenes y organización y participa en muchas actividades en la zona, especialmente proyectos y campañas sobre consumo responsable, eventos deportivos y otros. Todo dentro del marco del Cuerpo Europeo de la Solidaridad ESC (antiguo EVS, Erasmus) para un joven de entre 18 y 30 años de nacionalidad / residencia española. Están todos los gastos cubiertos: gastos de viaje, alojamiento, manutención, dinero de bolsillo, seguro médico y de accidentes y curso de idioma.

Lugar: Cingoli, Italia

Fechas: 1 de julio de 2021-30 de junio de 2022

Edad mínima: 18 años

Tema: Actividades Cruz Roja de Cingoli


Volunteer project Red Cross Cingoli Italy

Volunteers are involved in activities organized by the Cingoli Red Cross, which is located within the area affected by the earthquake between 2016 and 2017. Volunteers will NOT be involved in emergency situations and will NOT deal with First Aid interventions.


Cingoli is a small town of about 10,100 inhabitants located 630 meters above sea level, in the province of Macerata in the Marche region.

Cingoli is a medieval town and is also known as the “Balcón de Marche” (“Il Balcone delle Marche”) for its viewpoint. Being a small town in the Marche hills, it offers many opportunities to enjoy nature, walks and day trips.

Very close to Cingoli, for example, there is a lake where there are bars and restaurants and where you can relax on the beaches.

Work tasks Red Cross Cingoli Italy

He is a volunteer for the Red Cross in Italy. After the arrival orientation meeting aimed at integrating the volunteer into local realities and explaining the objectives and activities of the host project, the volunteer will carry out the following tasks:

  • Support the care of elderly people with disabilities.
  • Health and safety assistance at sporting events, assistance at the Verde Azzurro water park (summer) and at other events throughout the year.
  • Support and participation in events and festivals such as: “Calici dal Balcone” (August 16), Responsible and road safety; “Calici sotto l’albero” (December 14-16) is once again linked to the responsible drink project; “Bottega dei giovani” (on health and nutrition); “Mercatini” (open air markets, during the summer); “Rotary event” (a day with disabled children, summer); “Pesca di beneficenza” (autumn, during the Fiera dei morti-a fair); “Fiera dei morti” (November 2).
  • Support to the Youth of the Red Cross with meetings and events.
  • Participate in information and awareness campaigns (“No cicche a Cingoli”).
  • Support for training courses on FIRST AID AND road safety.
  • Support for the internal communication strategy of the Red Cross (social networks)
  • Informational activities at school (FIRST AID)
  • Project with schools, such as “Tu si que vales” (February)

Requirements for the volunteer

We would be happy to receive requests from anyone who is:

  • Personal motivations: We value the interest of the volunteers in the proposed program and the expectation towards this experience, everything you need to volunteer you will learn here!
  • Level of English and Italian: Italian or English are not necessary, of course, a survival level will be useful for daily needs, especially since you will probably be in contact with people who generally do not speak other languages. This experience is also your chance to improve your communication skills!
  • Interest in working with people: Working with people is essential for our activity. We also value creative, proactive and self-motivated people.

    We are looking for a person who is interested in the subject of the project and eager to learn!

    For more information about the location, you can download the information pack from the attachments:

    How to apply:

    Send us the following documents in English:

    – CV (including your date of birth and country of residence)

    – Cover letter related to the project

    – Application form, which you can find attached on this page.

    Send to

    If you want to know more about the program

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