Project Description

EVS: Activities at local Level in a rural village in Spain

Location: Almazán, Soria
Start date: January 2020
Duration: 6-7 months

This project requires 3 volunteers. We are currently looking for an english speaking volunteer.

The volunteers will be involved in activities at local level with children, teenagers and elderly.The program will be held in public buildings with the support of the town hall. Volunteers will assist in the Nursing home Ntra Sra de Guadalupe, Secondary school, Primary school, education for adults and in the Civic center Tirso de Molina.

Some tasks of the volunteers will be:

  • Assist elderly in their daily routines
  • Take a walk with elderly
  • Help people with disability in the exercises of mobility
  • Sociocultural animation
  • Gardening
  • Crafting and drawing
  • Support in the toy library
  • Support English or French classes
  • Support in the Primary school
  • Support with computers
  • Organising activities for kids/youth during free time
  • Activities in the volunteer mother tongue

We expect that the volunteer will participate in some EVS presentations that will be done.

The volunteer will have a single room in an apartment as well as the other 2 volunteers. Bathroom, Living and Kitchen will be shared. Money will be provided for maintenance. Wifi is not available.

All2help is looking for volunteers with interest in social work in the area of old-age care and kids. They should also be open to work with old people who need care. The volunteer should be communicative, open, cheerful and motivated to work in a team. Because of our environment and the full immersion, they will experiment into the Spanish culture, some Spanish knowledge will be necessary. There is no need to speak or write perfect but enough to communicate and learn fast the rest of it. We need that the volunteer send as his/her criminal record (required to work with children in Spain).

The project is located in a rural village of Spain, Almazán in Soria. Almazán has a population of around 7000 inhabitants.

Send your CV to  in English or Spanish.

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