EVS Austria Testimony

My testimony-  I want to tell about my experience in the European Volunteer Service (EVS)  in Austria

Communication with people from the organization before going

Everything was easy with my sending organization , all2help, and also with the hosting organization in Austria. I had every detail in advance. Something that I would improve and that was said to our mentor/tutor there, was that maybe they could pick volunteers up at the airport, since when you arrive everything is new (the place, the language), and you have to manage on your own to reach the city where you will stay.

The house and the work place

Everything at home was ready for our arrival, the accommodation was more than good and they helped us every time we needed help. Moreover, they bought some extra things for us to have in our apartment and they made us feeling at home.

My work place was one minute walking from my apartment and my colleagues were kind to me since the beginning. Anyway, I had hard moments mainly because of the language, the timetable routine there and also because sometimes they didn’t know exactly what our duties were. Apart from that, my colleagues were always kind and helpful.

Moreover, I have to point out that the area where I stayed was a quiet place, with green parks and the city was just 15 minutes by tram.

Recommendation for future volunteers

I would advise you to learn the basics of the language if possible.

I absolutely encourage you to enjoy every minute of your experience. Among the thing I enjoyed most I would highlight travelling, meeting new people, getting to know different ways of living, learning about myself or becoming conscious that I am able to be “independent”.

Just go and enjoy as much as you can!



If you would like to have a similar experience contact us https://www.all2help.org/contacto/