all2help is an association in the field of education

all2help is a non-profit organization working in non-formal education through solidarity experiences at the international level.

all2help aims to promote dialogue, non-formal education, and better communication between the urban and rural worlds, and between the elderly and the youth. It also encourages care for the environment, as well as respect among people of different cultures and social backgrounds.

La asociación  all2help is duly entered in the Ministry of the Interior´s National Register of Associations number 613075,  Registration Number E10053016 y PIC 912693662.

In addition, all2help was approved as a coordinating and sending organization in Key Action 1: Mobility of people for learning: European Voluntary Service of the Erasmus+ program with Reference number 2017-1-ES02-KA110-010233.

all2help finds the international volunteer project (including EVS projects) that best fits volunteers’ personal needs and the volunteer who best meets the requirements of a project.

Volunteering offers an opportunity to receive informal education in an international environment, which helps young people acquire competencies for their personal, educational and professional development, as well as for their social integration. We collaborate with different projects and volunteering programs in several countries.

all2help organizes the best camps for your needs and those of your children. It manages fun and highly formative camps in exceptional environments, ideal for developing essential skills such as communication, self-esteem and self-respect.

The camps are always organized in a safe setting with highly qualified full time instructors. Inside the Erasmus+ framework, we participate in the organization of youth exchanges in and outside Spain for young people over 13 years of age.

all2help helps you to develop your Corporate volunteering project according to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Businesses are important drivers of social change.

Corporate volunteering enables employees to understand the values of the company that they work for, improve headcount relationships and develop a sense of pride for and belonging to the company. We also develop best practices trainings.

What do we do?

  • Find the right volunteer project.
  • Look for the most suitable volunteer for your project.
  • Find an internship in a social company abroad.
  • Design and manage voluntary projects in or out of Spain.
  • Train your team in best practices.
  • Design and manage recreational camps.
  • Participate in interesting youth exchanges.